What is wealth and how do I build wealth?

The truly wealthy, the empire builders, captains of industry, understood early in their economic lives, the importance of making their money work for them – not them working for their money. Investing is the term used to describe the mechanism whereby money is generating more money, and an individual is working towards building true and measurable wealth.

We present herein documented research as well as advice and guidance given to some of the wealthiest people around the world on growing and developing sustainable wealth.

True wealth is that which is sustainable, measurable, agile, scalable and can be transferred seamlessly between generations. If it does not meet these key core requirements, then it is not wealth, but short-term riches, which will dilute and erode in the shortest space of time. The biggest question asked by the pseudo-rich, is why they cannot build a legacy which can be transferred successfully to the second, third, or subsequent generations.

The society which we live in today enjoys many privileges. However, the privileges are not something that one can earn easily, because it requires several decades or even centuries of work and effort built over defined foundations.

Many young aspiring individuals commence their economic journeys by studying towards a university qualification and, after years of hard work, dedication, and effort, discover that finding a job seems difficult if not close to impossible.  Accordingly, with the hopes of increasing their future chances of finding a job, they either study further towards a higher qualification, or take on the first basic opportunity that presents itself, just so that they may make ends meet, or contribute to the ever-mounting debt and student loan repayments.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, built into our very DNA as humans is the desire to be assured of our safety, security and hope that we can control our lives. Psychologically, based on every human’s needs, is the basic need to survive. We need certainty on whether the roof over our head is secure, where our next meal is coming from, whether the needs of our families and dependants will be taken care of.

Once these above needs are taken care, can an individual start planning on enjoying other luxuries, or spending on better value or aspirational goods and services.

There simplest formula for the first-time money maker, is to first earn an income, either by being self-employed, or seeking employment with someone else. The other way to grow your fortune is to invest a portion of your income so that they increase in value over time.

There are many ways to create, grow, build and advance potential riches and fortune towards a wealth legacy. In a simple breakdown, this wealth legacy builder, who wants to grow their money will be known as an Investor.

However, before embarking on the journey, and in in order for an individual to invest their money, they need to be a “qualified person”. A qualified person is defined in this context as a person who has knowledge about the investments which they intend to make

There are many different types of investments, and one will need to evaluate these investments, and learn how to identify opportunities and assess risks.

Investments all carry some form of risk, with the ever-present potential for an investment to fail. However, by having the right tools at your disposal, you may be able to identify the best opportunities, evaluate the risks existing, and assess the maximum exposure that one may take on any given investment. Remember one cannot have so much fear, that one does not invest at all. This will erode any riches or wealth, which may mean that there can never be that sense of security that an individual is searching for. 

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