Tax Technology

Development of a tax value centre through technology solutions focused on automation and optimization of tax data collection, tax sensitization of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and tax data management that offer a company comprehensive, complete and successful solutions towards the development of a tax value centre.

Our needs based approach allows us to identify the goals and objectives you have for your tax department. We then partner with you to apply industry best practices, and recommend, design and implement solutions.

Our Focus Areas

Tax Strategies

Production of tax strategis that are aligned with your company’s business strategy


Designig of tax savings measurements for accurate reporting of tax saving data

Tax Processing

Development of streamlined, efficient processes to ensure high productivity and cost efficiency and proactively create tax savings

Technology Infrastructure

Fully leverage your company’s technology infrastructure

Increase ROI

Increase your company’s return on investment from the tax function

Organizational Model Optimization

Create an organizational model to optimize productivity and efficiency

Automated Tax Processing

Develop automated tax processes that reduce costs

Process Implementation

Process implementation that incorporates tax organizational design, re-design and optimization of tax processes and performance management

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