Property Management

Property management services are an important part of the business world. In order to succeed, you need a team that is dedicated to helping your business grow.

At Cayman International we offer a variety of different services including real estate management, facilities management, and utilitities management. We are committed to providing you with the best property management services in the industry.

Our Focus Areas

Vacancy Management

All vacancies will be filled by our team. The space will be advertised effectively by the marketing team and meetings with potential tenants will be conducted to show them
the features of the premises.

Tenant Screening

Our team will screen tenants as they apply for a place in their building. The screening process can
differ but often includes running credit checks and checking references and/or proof of

Lease Agreements & Renewals

Our leasing team will prepare offer to lease and lease agreements as well as tenant renewal agreements to suit the premise’s terms and conditions.

Rental Administration

The leasing team follows the leases of financial transactions, such as rents, sublease payments, renewals, taxes, & property expenses. Overseeing and ensuring that billing and all other financial transactions are being taken care of in a timely manner and informing necessary personnel of any missing or late payments.

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